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10 reasons to get married in Italy

Get married in Italy

Getting married in Italy might sound like an original idea but out of your and your guests’ reach. Why celebrating a wedding in Italy is so simple, romantic and actually affordable for anyone?

Here are 10 reasons to convince you that getting married in Italy is perfect!

Reason n°1: Italy is a true paradise

Either for a civil, religious (Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, etc…) ceremonies or greetings, Italy is the place-to-be. Its azure blue sea, the song of its cicadas and the beauty of the architecture… This place is perfect to celebrate a union.

Apulia, especially, will know how to make your wishes come true. A wedding on the beach with a view on the sea, a rustic/country/barn wedding in the middle of the centenary olive trees or still in the exclusive frame of a private Palazzio.

Reason n°2: Easy administrative procedures!

A civil wedding in Italy is as simple as in France. You just need to send a file to your embassy in Italy and some information to the Italian town hall where you want to marry.

Reason n°3: The Italian gastronomy is one of the best in the world

Taste the Italian gastronomy! Instead of offering a déjà-vu, let your guests (and yourself!) enjoy the delicious Italian cuisine of Apulia. From the antipasti to the secondo through a risotto or some good pasta… You will be suggested the best dishes. And for more surprise, we could even recommend a cheese-maker master who will make the mozarella right in front of you. Or some delicatessen or an express frying food stand… Up to you!

Reason n°4: Traveling to Italy is fast and affordable

Thanks to the numerous air companies (including the low-cost ones) that serve Italy, it becomes very simple to come from anywhere in Europe.

Reason n°5: A wedding in Italy is a perfect surprise for your guests

Isn’t a wedding in Italy an amazing opportunity for your guests to spend a few days in la Dolce Vita? They sure will be thankful to you! Apulia offer many places to visit: Polignano a Mare, Monopoli, Lecce, Gallipoli, Alberobello, Otranto, etc… And for those looking for farniente, its beaches of fine sand make relaxing possible.

Reason n°6: How to refuse a sunny wedding?

In Apulia, the weather is always great (well, at least 364 days over 365…). That means that you are certain to be able to:

  1. Be tanned for your wedding
  2. Enjoy the sun and the splendid exteriors of our exclusive selection of locations

Reason n°7: Choosing an original wedding

We have to say it: it comes a time where all the weddings look similar… Surprise your guest with some exoticism! And affordable by the way… The Italian Masseria with their historical structure and the centenary olive trees are just perfect for a chic country wedding. And for those of you who prefer the elegance of a Palazzo or a Castello, or still the authenticity of Trulli, you have to know that everything is possible!

Reason n°8: This could cost less than a wedding in your country

The standard living cost is less expensive in Apulia. You could enjoy without going bankrupt! Apulia is perfect to celebrate an unforgettable romantic wedding, no matter your budget.

Reason n°9: You will be ready for you Honey Moon

Two birds with one stone! Roma, Venice, Milan, Toscana or Apulia: all the most beautiful Italian cities will be next door to spend the best Honey Moon you could dream of. You will therefore enjoy the Dolce Vita to relax right after your wedding in Italy.

Reason n°10: Everybody loves Italy, just that…

You actually don’t need any reason to get married in Italy. If you like it just go and get it! We are available anytime to make your dream come true.

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