Located in the “hill of the boot”, Apulia has numerous advantages: an exotic landscape with infinite centenarian olive trees fields and a heavenly coastline. Easily accessible with two airports, it offers an idyllic environment close to your home. This peninsula is still spared by mass tourism and surrounded by the Adriatic sea on the West side and by the Ionian sea on the East side. It will surprise your guests with the authenticity of its sites and extraordinary settings, perfect for successful wedding ceremonies. The diversity of the panorama and the beauty of the place make it a true earthly paradise. This land on the edge of Southern Europe offers incomparable natural landscapes and a large range of atmospheres able to meet every one of the wishes and demands of the spouses. Between red soil and blue skies, Apulia’s colors will provide you with a memorable wedding setting in Italy, an ideal location for your events.



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Apulian Guide
In this guide, you’ll discover everything you need to know for a perfect and unforgettable wedding in the region of Puglia. Our team is made up of wedding planner experts who will explain everything to you!


Apulia is definitely a wedding location that favors love. The region of Apulia and its incredible beaches will welcome you for your celebration. A warm and sunny weather, crystal-clear waters and gorgeous beaches are a major asset to enjoy a ceremony under the Mediterranean sunshine of Italy. Apulia is full of turquoise water bays and of sea sides with sugar sand. The “Maldives of the Salento” are among the most popular ones. They are located at the cape of the peninsula where transparent waters make the place comparable to the Maldives Islands. On the East coast, the “Gem of the Adriatic” (la Baia dei Turchi), is a real treasure immersed in the wild and accessible from a path surrounded by pine trees that fill the place with their aroma. Finally, on the West coast, enjoy the outstanding beach of Torre Lapillo with its shallow emerald waters and admire the sunset on the horizon.

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The numerous lidi (private venues located on the beach) are perfect places to celebrate your wedding in an exotic frame. Hiring a photographer is essential as he will know how to immortalize your special day by taking the most beautiful pictures. During the reception, he will capture the unforgettable moments of your wedding under the sunset. The organization of a brunch with your toes in the sand on the day after your ceremony is a great way to extend the party in a chic and casual atmosphere! The people who love nature will be seduced by the breath-taking beaches and the crystal seaside. The natural environment offers a large choice of atmospheres in gorgeous places, different from the traditional hotels and reception halls. As a new Eldorado of blue beaches, sunny weather and dolce vita, the region of Apulia offers numerous opportunities for the celebration of memorable weddings close to your home.


The trulli’s village of Alberobello is one of the most mysterious and unmissable places to be discovered in Apulia. This unique location, registered at the UNESCO world heritage, will take you on a journey out of time. The conical and atypical constructions are unique and offer an exclusive wedding venue that will surprise your guests. The masserias are one of the architectural gems of Apulia. As a matter of fact, they are one of the favorite locations of our clients. Their authentic buildings and their immersion in the Italian countryside are enchanting to celebrate weddings in Italy. Masserias were formerly farms and most of them have been restored. They are full of potential today and characteristic of the South of Italy as they offer a magic atmosphere. The beauty of these wedding venues would be enough for you to be filled with wonder on your special day. Organizing your wedding in a masseria of Apulia or in a trullo will be an unforgettable experience. Moreover, many of those places allow you to party until dawn.

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The churches, basilicas, and cathedrals form part of the Apulian landscape with more than 1,000 parishes across the territory. Among those, the ones of Santa Maria Della Provvidenza or of the basilica of Santa Croce. Beautiful squares like the Piazzetta dell’Addolorata or the Piazza Sant’Oronzo offer a majestic setting for the exit of the church at the end of your religious ceremony as well as for your photo shoot. The historic and artistic buildings of those sacred places are a heritage of the roman and baroque arts and real antic masterpieces. Apulia is an ideal destination for those who want to discover an extraordinary land where history, art and nature coexist. It is also the opportunity to live the best day of your life in an exotic environment. Indeed, the geographic location of the region and its architectural and cultural riches are appealing to more and more couples in quest of originality and romanticism.


The Christian religion holds an important place in Italy. The Catholics are the most represented branch in a country that hosts the Pope’s residence in the Vatican. In Italy, there is no separation between the Church and the State. It makes it possible for you to celebrate a Catholic wedding and a civil wedding in Italy during the same ceremony at the church. This is called the concordatory wedding. One of the advantages of celebrating religious weddings in Italy is to be able to choose the church where your Christian ceremony will take place. Apulia’s region is ideal for that, thanks to the diversity of its religious sites. Moreover, the Apulian churches, basilicas and cathedrals have an ancestral experience in the celebration of weddings, particularly Catholic ones. Some priests may even speak in your language, making it possible for you to get married in your mother tongue in Italy!

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There are numerous reasons why future brides and grooms choose to organize their wedding in Apulia. Firstly, Apulia is still a rather secret area which makes it a perfect destination to surprise your guests. You will stand out from other traditional wedding locations by organizing a memorable party. What can be better than the South of Italy, rhythmed by the dolce vita way of life, to celebrate original and romantic weddings? New and typical experience in the trulli and immersion in masserias. Warmth and farniente on the beach or elegant and sophisticated stay in a castle. The region is perfect to throw unique receptions that will enchant both young and old ones!


Italian gastronomy is a major asset. In fact, it is one of the best in the world! Antipasti, pittule, orecchiette, polpette al sugo or the irresistible mozzarella di bufala, all offer a mix of flavors and colors for the biggest pleasure of hedonists. A sensory journey accompanied with the finest wines of the South as the region of Apulia is the first producer of wine in Italy. It has a diverse offer of DOCG (Denominazione di origine controllata e garantita - controlled and guaranteed origin) and DOC (Denominazione di origine controllata - controlled origin) wines among which you can find the famous Locorotondo (white wine). Seize the opportunity of your wedding in Italy to make your guests discover the Italian way of life with a typical Italian wedding meal and a sumptuous party.


A wedding in trulli, at the heart of Apulia will allow you to enjoy good weather whatever the season unlike a wedding in Venice or Milan. You mustn’t forget that the South of Italy is much sunnier than the North! Apulia, in comparison to the lake of Come or Rome, benefits from the highest temperatures in Italy. For your greatest pleasure, the beautiful masserias and heavenly beaches of the region are at your disposal for your wedding. Furthermore, the folklore of Apulia: the pizzica (traditional dance and music) will lead your guests to dawn in a joyful rhythm, accompanied by the vibrations of the tamburelli. Our wedding planners will support you in the organization of your wedding so this day can remain a memorable party!


You have chosen to organize your wedding in Apulia. Where to start now? A wedding in Apulia will be wonderful no matter what. The gastronomy is exceptional, the venues are fabulous: everything is already set to live a walking dream! The only thing you have left to do is to choose the formula that suits you best. To do that, our advice as wedding planners in Italy is to discuss the project with your loved ones. This will allow you to consider the constraints you may face. The wedding day date and the duration of your ceremony are an example of the important matters to think of for a wedding abroad. The number of guests will also influence your wedding budget and be decisive regarding the available locations for your reception. Once you have thought about these elements, you can choose your favorite place for your wedding in Apulia!


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