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24 April 2023
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Wedding Planner: why ask for help?

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The role of a wedding planner is pretty recent, therefore some couples still do not know about this professional figure and many have questions about it. In order to better understand the job of a wedding planner, Noces Italiennes destination wedding agency has decided to reveal all its secrets (or almost all).

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Each wedding planner has her own procedures.

While in some countries the wedding planner is already a strategic figure for wedding management, in other ones couples are still quite hesitant since they do not know what to expect. They also often misunderstand the benefits of being assisted by a wedding planner.

This lack of knowledge comes from the fact that this profession is poorly regulated and as a consequence, every single agency has its own rules.

A wedding planner’s service can be carried out by a single person as a freelance or by an agency. Furthermore, the content of their selling packages depends on their individual policies and procedures.

For example, Noces Italiennes takes care of the wedding from A to Z and thanks to our wedding planner team in Italy future couples can benefit from the customization of every single aspect of their wedding in Italy. Other wedding planners, from their side, increase their fees according to the number of services requested or offer “packages” already made.

No stress! 

A couple always benefits from the assistance of a professional wedding planner in any case.

Whether the wedding will take place in your country or abroad, the wedding planner is there to take care of all the hassle. This is the main advantage, but not the least! 

In fact, thanks to the help of the wedding planner couples can release their stress and focus on the pleasant aspects of their wedding: decorations, food catering tasting, preferred music, etc.

Moreover, very often, the bride and groom do not live in the same city where they celebrate their wedding. The wedding planner is then even more useful because she is already on site. Managing service providers and carrying out several inventories becomes then simpler.

The wedding planner is indeed the representative of the couple. Her job is to look after the bride and groom’s interests and to ensure, thanks to her experience, that the wedding goes smoothly.

Getting married abroad with the assistance of a Wedding Planner

When the couple chooses to get married abroad, the help of a wedding planner is strongly advised. The organization of a remote wedding is very complex indeed. Furthermore, adding the barrier of a foreign language makes it almost impossible without the help of an intermediary. Bear in mind that each country has its own culture and habits!

Without the help of a trained expert, the couple can come across many disappointments and misunderstandings with the local suppliers. Choosing the suppliers can be complicated without an on-site representative. The selection of reliable suppliers held by an agency (or a wedding agency) gives a significant advantage to the bride and groom.

Customised decorations better known as “Wedding Design”

Finally, the wedding planner can offer the couple suggestions about the wedding design to render their day memorable and unique. As her name suggests, the wedding planner takes care of the management and of coordination of the service providers.

However, the best wedding planner is also able to create for each couple a tailor-made wedding decoration project.

This aspect is the most satisfying, both for the bride and groom as for the WP. In fact, it allows getting an atmosphere that is not only unforgettable but it is also what they have imagined in their dreams.

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The subject of Wedding Planner’s cost.

The only disadvantage of this new profession is that an additional cost is added to your wedding budget. However, this expense is justified!

A wedding planner helps couples manage their budget wisely. For the wedding design, her wise advice allows the bride and groom not to make unnecessary expenses by defining them beforehand. Her “good deals” and collaborations can also save you money, both for the wedding design as well as for the “standard” wedding services.

With our wedding planner agency, you can indeed enjoy privileged rates with our selected suppliers. This is thanks to the big number of weddings carried out each year. By choosing a wedding planner a future couple can find an indispensable partner and save on the total budget at the same time! It is a pretty good deal!

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