To say “Yes” on an island is always magic! Sugar sand, clear water, and wild nature, we give you an idyllic environment for a dream wedding in the middle of nature.
Noces Italiennes offers you to live this unique experience by organizing your customized wedding. Are you seeking information to make your dream of getting married with your toes in the sand on the seaside come true?
Our wedding planners’ team has selected the most beautiful places for your wedding in Corsica - on the island of beauty - and in Italy. Discover our advice and services on this page. Be careful, you may wish never to come back!




Choose a heavenly place for the most beautiful day of your life. Come on the island of beauty to enjoy its gorgeous beaches at the heart of a wild and captivating nature. Corsica has all of the advantages to offer a unique and exotic wedding setting. Its turquoise coves make it an ideal place for a romantic and trendy wedding with an unmatchable view. Corsica natives or enthusiasts; take off for an exotic vacation in the Mediterranean! Going down south, you will fancy the “hill of the boot” and its heavenly azure coastline. Welcome to Apulia! This gem of Italy is surrounded by the Adriatic and Ionian seas. The region presents the same assets as an island for a wedding. You will be under the impression to be at the end of the world while still being close to home.


Do you dream of an original and customized ceremony in accordance with the style of your wedding venue? The secular ceremony is the perfect solution to make your wedding unforgettable! Unlike a civil or religious celebration, a symbolic wedding can take place anywhere. Organize your union on a deserted island: the sound of the waves, the sunrays and the golden sand will take care of enchanting your special day. The summerlike atmosphere and the farniente spirit of an island will fully satisfy both the spouses and their guests. This escape will allow you to enjoy heavenly places by travelling only a couple of hours away from continental Europe. Your wedding will be the opportunity to spend an idyllic stay that will probably become one of your most striking journeys. Finally, the spouses are free to imagine the reception they have always dreamt of: type, time schedule, date, length of the symbolic ceremony, animations…


The outstanding beaches of Southern Italy resemble the Caribbean islands’ landscapes. They offer an exotic frame that is worthy of hosting a dream wedding on an island with an unmatchable view. The region hosts the most romantic reception halls on the waterfront. Make the most of your stay to experience one of your most beautiful trips. Your celebration will be idyllic in this postcard environment! The natural beauty of these places is an endless inspiration for a romantic decoration. In some cases, the wedding venues are even authorized to to celebrate the civil union. It is the opportunity to enjoy the islands’ Caribbean blue for your wedding ceremony. However, keep in mind that secular weddings don’t have a legal value in the country where they are celebrated or in the residence country of the spouses. Only civil weddings are recognized in the eye of the law.


If you want to formalize your wedding, celebrate your civil union on one of the most beautiful islands in Europe to immortalize this day! The beaches of Gallipoli and Porto Cesareo in Italy are among the most wonderful places for a wedding on the seafront. It is as well possible to formalize your union away from people’s gaze on one of the breathtaking Corsican coasts. The silver beaches of Ajaccio’s gulf or Santa Giulia on the island of beauty guarantee you the most romantic wedding. Although a civil union is usually celebrated in the residence city of the spouses, exemptions are possible under some conditions. Celebrating your wedding in Italy allows you to choose the city hall that you fancy. It is not mandatory to have Italian citizenship nor residence and your wedding abroad will be recognized in your country of origin.


The perspective of organizing a wedding on an island is truly romantic, but what about the administrative formalities? The criteria to get married in Corsica or in Apulia are very simple. They are much alike the ones encountered in Western Europe. To celebrate your civil wedding in Corsica, you will need to provide a proof of residence to the city hall of your celebration. The protocol to marry in Italy depends on each city hall. Noces Italiennes supports you during the entire organization to fullfill all the obligations for a wedding in Italy. Getting married in this country requires to obtain the Nulla Osta, but also to forward it to the Italian city hall that will celebrate your wedding in Italy with a file containing additional documents (birth certificate, wedding contract…). Once your wedding in Italy is celebrated, the only thing you will have left to do is to transcript the wedding certificate in the registers of your home country.


It is a dream to get married on an island. However, a meticulous preparation is necessary to make this day perfect. For this, we recommend the precious help of a wedding planner in Corsica or Italy (see wedding planner in Italy and wedding planner in Apulia). At Noces Italiennes, the perfect knowledge of these heavenly places and of the legal environment ensure you a gain of time in the preparations of your wedding. Our team stands by your side from A to Z to assist you in the planning of a magical and stressless wedding day. You can count on the help of our wedding planners to make your craziest dreams come true, to find wedding trends for your decoration, and why not to program an arrival on the island by boat or a firework under the stars? Use those fantastic destinations to make your adventurous wedding magic!

Contact us now to start to organize your romantic wedding on a heavenly island.


Download freely guide of Apulia

Discover in this guide everything there is to know to organize a perfect and memorable wedding in Apulia. Our wedding planner’s team is expert in the organization of weddings in Italy from A to Z and it supports you step by step.
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