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26 July 2022
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How to dress for a Jewish wedding in Italy?

One question on your mind: what to wear when invited to a Jewish wedding in Italy? It can be challenging to find the perfect outfit, combining style, tradition while being original. Jewish weddings do not impose strict rules regarding the dress code. However, there are a few standards that must be met during the religious ceremony in the synagogue. If you are at a loss as to what to wear, start by looking at the invitation. Most of the time, it will tell you the theme of the wedding chosen by the bride and groom and therefore the dress code. If not, don’t hesitate to ask the bride and groom directly. Our team of wedding planners gives you their best advice on how to be well dressed for a Jewish wedding in Italy

The perfect outfit for a Jewish wedding in Italy

In the heart of la dolce vita, weddings are a true institution. It’s the perfect occasion to dress up. Make your friend’s jaw drop yet without overshadowing the queen of the day. Weddings go along with elegant attires. We suggest a comfortable outfit made out of light fabrics. The Italian sun is very hot, especially in the summertime. Adopt the Italian style while keeping your traditions. Wear pieces that make you look good, keep it simple by choosing a maximum of two colors. Remember, less is more. Mix and match your outfit and accessorize it with a light stole to cover your shoulders and protect them from the sun. For more outfit ideas, head over to Pinterest. Remember, the perfect outfit is the one you feel best in.  

What to avoid at a Jewish wedding in Italy

As a guest, there are several clothes that should be kept out of reach at a Jewish wedding. For instance, only the bride should be wearing a long dress. Instead, go for an ankle-length or knee-length dress/skirt. White, cream and ivory are colors that should be avoided. Choose a colorful outfit that will reflect your personality.  Little piece of advice, cover your shoulders with a stole or shawl and your head with a hat or scarf. For women, banish high heels if you are not used to them. Favor low shoes or even flats for more comfort. Don’t hesitate to take a spare pair of shoes such as ballet flats so that you can dance the night away. In the synagogue, straps, plunging necklines, short dresses or skirts and pants for women are forbidden. For men, here are our suggestions: avoid suits that are worn to the office and choose a well-tailored suit and match your belt to the color of your outfit. 

Here’s a little guidance for you ladies!

Finding the perfect outfit for a Jewish wedding in Italy is a challenge you shall succeed. Choose a trendy dress: colored with pastel or warm tones, halter, flowing, floral, polka dots…. The advantage of the dress code for a jewish wedding is that it is very elegant. You can select a two-piece set consisting of a knee-length skirt and an original and elegant top. Pair your gown with a light jacket or a stole for cooler evenings. To complete your outfit, a nice pair of sandals or glittery wedge heels will do the trick. Here the key is to choose shoes that you could wear again in your everyday life. Modernize your outfit with the top wedding accessories. It could be a belt if you are wearing a dress or even a bag or a clutch that will give a modern touch to your outfit. Style your hair with golden barrettes, a flowery headband or a beaded headband, without forgetting the jewelry!  

For you gentlemen, how do you choose your outfit?

We recommend a suit jacket or a blazer in different colors (navy blue, grey or beige) with a simple white or blue shirt. Regarding the pants, you can choose a suit pants of the same color as your jacket or a chino that will contrast with the jacket and will bring an elegant and casual touch. Finally, your outfit should always be accompanied by colorful or printed accessories for a whimsical touch to brighten up your wedding attire. Recall the theme: tie, bow tie, buttonhole, flower or clutch. Don’t forget, all men invited to the wedding, whether Jewish or not, must wear a yarmulke or hat. 

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