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28 November 2022
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6 December 2022
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Wedding budget, a sensitive topic?

No one knows how to answer how much a wedding costs. Nothing surprising there, every wedding is unique. Therefore, the prices will always be different. 

The price of a wedding varies among different criterias. The date, the venue, the number of guests and all the additional services… All these elements impact the global budget of your wedding. Yet the cost of a wedding remains the main topic in order to prepare for it! Noces Italiennes helps you to see clearly and to hold the cords of your purse.

Rule n°1: Define your wedding budget

It may seem obvious, but in order to stay in the limits of your wedding budget, the first is defining it. Determine your ideal budget from your financial resources. Keep in mind that a wedding is expected several months in advance which allows you to benefit from a time lapse to save and succeed in reaching your ideal budget.

Talking to the relatives who have to contribute to this wonderful project is particularly important.

Rule n°2 : Ask for quotes

At the beginning of their wedding planning, the bride and groom have no idea of the cost of a wedding in France or in Italy.

They often leave with the preconceived idea that a wedding abroad would cost more than a wedding in their place of residence. Asking for quotes from different service providers will show you that with the same budget you can afford a dream wedding with quality services, especially for a wedding in Italy!

Our team of wedding planners in Italy will help you define your budget and benefit from discounts in order to fit your budget!

In order to define how big the wedding will be, the bride and groom should make an estimate of the amount of money they are willing to spend on this special day.

For that, contacting the various providers is suggested. And for those who would like to speed up the process, a wedding planners agency is an effective solution.

Rule n°3: Separate the necessities from the extras in your wedding budget

The idea of a grand and lavish wedding has all crossed our mind. Define what is really necessary in order to stay within your wedding budget.

Respecting your budget does not mean giving up all your desires. The wedding remains an unforgettable moment. Each couple being different, the list of must-haves will be a very personal one. Where some prefer to reduce the guest list, others simplify the decoration or the activities.

Getting married abroad is also an alternative to reduce certain expenses and therefore impact the price of a wedding by using for example to privilege an intimate wedding on the waterfront.

Rule n°4: Call a Wedding Planner

Couples usually associate a Wedding Planner with an additional cost. While it is true that this service is not free, the wedding planner can also greatly assist in keeping the wedding budget on track.

First of all, a wedding planner agency usually gets discounts from other providers. The number of weddings done in a year allows it to negotiate the prices of all the basic services. The price of the flowers, the caterer, the hall, the bride’s hairstyle, etc., can be reduced.

Then, the experience of the wedding planner allows him to know all the tricks allowing to reduce the price of the wedding. For example, go for an artisanal photo booth instead of an automatic booth. Rent a vintage car instead of a modern one. In addition to bringing richness to the design wedding, the advice given will allow the couple to keep track of all the expenses.

Finally, the Wedding Planner agencies have decorations that will allow you to get a dream wedding design, without having to buy all the elements yourself. For all these reasons, we recommend you to work with a wedding planner for the organization of your wedding. So don’t hesitate any longer and contact a wedding planner in Italy to get a free quote!

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