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16 January 2023
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24 January 2023
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10 good reasons why to hire a WP

Many questions may rise in organising a wedding: that is completely understandable.

Planning and managing the whole thing can be scary, you might face a lack of time and the nightmare of seeing the wedding of your dreams turning into a disaster … that is why you should start taking into consideration the idea of hiring a wedding planner, and again several questions come into your mind: 

Is my budget enough? Can the wedding planner understand what I want? Would I  have enough control over my wedding preparations left? 

It is normal to be overwhelmed by all these questions. In this article, our agency Noces Italiennes, committed to organising destination weddings both in Corsica and in Italy,  explains to you the main advantages of hiring a wedding coordinator. 

If you are still hesitating, after this article, you will not have any doubt left about the benefits of being guided by a professional wedding planner! 

  1. Stress management

Organizing a wedding increases your level of stress, especially when the deadline is approaching: Insomnia, confusion, short temper, and even misunderstandings may rise. The professionalism and experience of a wedding planner offer you complete peace of mind during the whole preparation of your event. Noces Italiennes takes care of the whole management of your wedding. 

From planning to coordinating your wedding day, our team stays by your side for every single important moment of the wedding, because our goal is to make your day a perfect and unforgettable memory. 

  1. Save your time

A wedding planner helps a lot in terms of saving time, energy and mental health! In fact, our expert team of Noces Italiennes takes care of everything on your behalf, what you only have to do is to agree or disagree with our proposals. In this way, your daily life continues smoothly and quietly.

  1. Trusted and specialist service providers 

A wedding planner is always equipped with qualified contacts. Indeed, you might have already some suppliers in your mind, however, they are often the most popular and the most available ones. Furthermore, even if those suppliers are the firsts to appear on your internet search, it does not mean they are also the best ones in the market.

Do not panic, because a professional wedding planner has her own network of experts. Noces Italiennes works with a wide network of trusted service providers who have been selected according to our strict standards of quality and professional service. The agency updates its contact book every year, in order to maintain a high level of service. 

In addition, our agency gives priority to local service providers, so we can monitor the quality of their work easier and, at the same time, we create a well-trained team in the area, a team who will be at your service on your wedding day. 

Moreover, the future couple will not have additional costs of travelling and accommodation, since they do not have to be on-site.

  1. Destination wedding: your representative on site

Do you dream of getting married abroad? Indeed, organizing a wedding from abroad can be very challenging, because you are not there and you are not familiar with the country. Our team of Noces Italiennes is experienced in the regions of Apulia and Tuscany, we know the territory, the venues and the culture perfectly! Therefore, it is way easier for us to deal with several service providers.  

With us, you have a representative on-site who can explain your expectations to the providers and deals with them on your behalf.

Not to mention that our Noces Italiennes agency has got a trilingual team, in fact, we support both English- and French-speaker customers in organizing their weddings in Italy. We will be the unique representative of the future couple and we will act as mediators with their service providers. 

In this way, there is no need to speak Italian for your wedding in the country of the “dolce vita”! 

  1. A precious help on your wedding day 

Of course, on the event day, you want to enjoy it with your love oneness and not worry about anything. It is possible with us! Our team of wedding planners are by your side throughout the whole day. They are there for setting up the equipment, for assisting you during the ceremony and the reception, and for coordinating the service providers, we are active and alert until the end of the event. Everyone will have a great time and none will have to worry about anything. 

  1. Creativity and professionalism 

A wedding planner knows her field very well, she has the know-how and is updated on the ultimate trends. Furthermore, her creativity adds the personal touch that will render your event an exceptional wedding. And that’s our case with Noces Italiennes wedding planners. We help you in choosing your wedding theme and in decorating your wedding according to the chosen venue. You can definitely share with us your Pinterest mood board and give us an idea of your inspirations and expectations.

  1. Listening and trust

The wedding planner will never forget that the wedding is all YOURS. Of course, your expectations, your taste, and your objections will be always taken into high consideration. In fact, they are essential for creating a wedding completely customized wedding. Our wedding planners care about building, developing and maintaining a bond of trust with the couples they assist.

In order to do so,  we have intense communication with the future bride and groom during the whole planning. Each couple will have access to a private platform that allows them to be directly in touch with the wedding planner and it will keep them in the loop with the fundamental steps for organizing their wedding even from remote. The professionalism and experience of our team will always support you and give you the best pieces of advice in case of doubt. 

  1. The budget

Despite what you can imagine about the cost of a wedding planner, you should consider that she can optimize your budget instead! 

As a matter of fact, Noces Italiennes has organized so many weddings already, that our team can easily benefit from negotiated and advantageous rates with their suppliers.   

By doing everything by yourself, you take the risk of paying a high price.

  1. Make your dream come true 

By now, you should have understood that nothing is impossible with the help of the right wedding planner! You can confide your most intimate wishes to her, and she will convert them into the wedding of your dreams. For example, a romantic dinner under the stars of a sandy beach, or a pool party, or even arriving by Vespa: Treat yourself to a tailor-made wedding! Our team of wedding planners are committed not just to meeting your expectation, but far exceeding them! Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us for a personal quotation.

  1. Strive for excellence

The priority for a wedding planner is the bride and groom’s satisfaction, as well as their guest’s satisfaction. Indeed, satisfaction is also the main indicator of evaluating if the wedding planner has succeeded in her job. As you can imagine, the wedding in itself is the best showcase to communicate the image of the agency. As a result, wedding planners strive for excellence. 

Noces Italiennes provides strict monitoring of the wedding preparation at least 1 year in advance. The standardization of our procedures and the rigorous recruitment of our service providers allow us to dispense excellent service to the future couples we work for.

Regardless of our couples’ budget, our commitment is clear: To deliver an extraordinary wedding!

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