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23 November 2021
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Your Wedding Budget: How Much Does A Wedding In Italy Or Corsica cost?

Have you always imagined your wedding in an exotic destination? Now you wonder if your dream could come true with your wedding budget. Getting married on one of the prettiest beaches in Corsica, in a Tuscan villa, or in the Italian countryside in Apulia. Is it at your reach? 

Italy and Corsica are among the best wedding destinations. You are right to want something special when choosing where you will get married! It is now time to make your project come to life and to start organizing!

How much does a wedding abroad cost? Is getting married in Corsica more expensive than at home? How much do the services of a wedding planner cost?  

Discover in this article all the answers to your questions before jumping into the preparations of your wedding.


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The different pricing of a wedding planner

First, two types of wedding planner exist: the ones who work as consultants, and the wedding planner agencies. 

If the expertise is the same, the organizations and pricing is different.

As a consultant, the wedding planner is someone who meddles between service providers and future brides and grooms. Their wage is based on a commission of each one of the fees of the service providers. The client and the service provider sign individual contracts.

As a member of a wedding planning agency, the wedding planner takes responsibility for the entire wedding’s organization. They are the only spokesperson in contact with the couple. Their wage is usually a package price, but can also be a percentage applied on the total cost of the wedding.

The spouses pay the wedding planners’ agency to book all of the services of their wedding. The agency will then be in charge of the billing of the service providers.

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Several service offers exist when it comes to hiring a wedding planner:

A “ready to use” wedding: 

The wedding planner accompanies you from A to Z in the preparation of your wedding. Research of the wedding venue, negotiation with service providers, advice and assistance all along the organization, support in the administrative steps, planning of the program of the wedding day and attendance on the D-day to coordinate the service providers. 

Partial organization of the wedding: 

The wedding planner manages part of the organization of the wedding following a list of pre-determined tasks. 

D-day’s coordination:

The wedding planner is only in charge of managing the service providers and of coordinating the wedding day’s events. 

On demand weddings

The wedding planner is an associate during the wedding’s organization. It is often the case when the future spouses have already found their wedding venue and taken the first steps in the organization of their reception, but realize they need the help of an expert in wedding planning at some point. 

Research of service providers: 

The wedding planner calls upon her service providers’ network to offer the couple the guarantee of hiring high standard professionals with negotiated prices.

Wedding coaching:

The wedding planner is a support and counsel during the wedding’s organization. They allow to lead the preparations without wasting time. 

At Noces Italiennes, our team of wedding planners supports you in all of the aspects of your wedding to organize your dream ceremony without stress and in the most beautiful places of Italy and Corsica. 

As it is not a simple task to organize a wedding from a distance, our team of wedding planners in Italy stands by your side. We make the formalities simpler and assist you in the organization of this exceptional day, from A to Z. 

Our wedding planner’s fees include the whole management of your wedding from the first steps to the last. We offer you the excellence of a wedding in Italy or of a wedding on the Corsican soil. 

Our French agency allows you to be in direct relation with a team of experts in wedding planning that speak English, French and Italian and to have a unique contract in your mother tongue for all of the services of your wedding.  


How to fix your wedding budget? 

A wedding abroad is appealing to more and more couples. However, they often associate a wedding abroad to an addition of constraints: the hardship of the organization from a distance, the language barrier, or the estimation of the wedding budget. 

Getting married abroad, is it more or less expensive than marrying at home? How to estimate the cost of a wedding abroad? What difference of prices are to consider?

Alliance de mariage

First of all, prices vary in a considerable way from one destination to another.

For instance, the price of a wedding in Italy is different in every region. The rates of places and service providers for a wedding in Tuscany or in Rome are higher than the ones for a wedding in Apulia for example, because of the popularity of the first destinations.

The budget of your guests for your wedding abroad

To estimate the cost of a wedding abroad for your guests, you are to consider the logistical costs. In order to do so, we advise you to list the different means of transportation and to study their prices with a comparator.

For plane tickets prices, you can use the following websites: Kayak, liligo, or skyscanner.

After this, you must evaluate the housing prices. Today, numerous alternatives exist to reduce the cost of housing such as Airbnb or agritourism farms in Italy.

It is the occasion for your guests to experience Italian hospitality!

Furthermore, some wedding venues offer the possibility to sleep on site. It is the case if you wish to get married in an Italian castle or an Apulian masseria.

mariage pouilles

The elements of your wedding budget

More than your guests’ budget, you need to think of your wedding budget. To do so, you must fix a budget for the possible expenses linked with the organization of activities on site.

Most of the time, spouses make the most of their wedding abroad to have a good time with their guests before or after the ceremony. Have you decided to get married by the sea? Take the opportunity to go on a boat excursion to make your guests discover the beauty of the Italian coast!

Finally, other than the external expenses, you must fix a budget for the classic spending linked with your wedding: meals, booking of the venue, photographer’s and DJ services, bride and groom’s preparation…

Are those services cheaper in Italy?

It depends once again on the location of your wedding! One thing is for sure, for an identical price, you will access a high-quality service with Noces Italiennes. We will help you plan original animations to surprise your guests and make your wedding unforgettable!

It is all the beauty of a wedding in Italy!

How to optimize your wedding budget?

Every destination is different! With Noces Italiennes, the quality of the service remains the same whatever your budget and your wedding location.

Our job consists in defining together your wedding project, and to do everything in our power to stay in it.

Customized and free quotations is the first way to have an idea of your wedding budget.

Our quotations allow you to know whether your wedding is financially feasible. Our wedding planners are here to help you optimize your budget in the best way possible. Feel free to contact us for a customized quotation!

Here are some advice to reduce your wedding budget:

  • Is the destination or place chosen for your wedding too expensive? Try to discover our other wedding destinations and venues and ask our team of wedding planners for their advice! You can trust them; they have selected the most beautiful wedding venues in Southern Italy and Corsica!
  • You are planning on getting married in a high tourist season? Why not move your wedding date of one month to enjoy better prices and stand out from the others?
  • You haven’t shortened your guest list yet? You can find a solution to prioritize and maybe reduce the budget of your wedding dinner.
  • The logistical expenses of your guests are included in your wedding budget? Please note that ¾ of our clients do not pay for the transportation and housing of their guests. It avoids the spouses having to manage last-minute waivers or confirmations. It also offers your guests the possibility to plan their stay in their own way.

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