Are you planning on getting married? Mazal Tov!
If you are dreaming of a kosher wedding ceremony according to the Jewish customs tinted with an exotic note, choose to get married abroad and celebrate your Jewish wedding during an unforgettable and festive stay! Our team of wedding planners has selected the most beautiful places in Corsica and Italy as well as the best service providers to offer you the perfect wedding. Jewish or not, your guests will never forget it!




Getting married abroad is the opportunity to benefit from a total change of environment to organize your henna party. In Judaism, marriage is an institution imbued with rites and traditions that cannot be overlooked. The henna ceremony is an occasion to surprise your guests. During this event, the groom and bride wear oriental clothing and share a rich and traditional meal with their close ones in a festive atmosphere, animated by Jewish music and dancing. The event will be immortalized by a photograph (see our Jewish wedding pictures) that we have carefully selected or that the couple has chosen. The henna's meal will be certified to be in the Jewish law's tradition. The custom is to spread a henna pastry in the spouses and their guests hands and to place a golden coin maintained by a red ribbon on it to bring luck and happiness. This night of gathering is also the moment when the guests offer gift baskets to the bride and groom. The magnificent gardens of Italian masserias are a privileged location to organize your henna and live a festive and lively night with your family and friends. Barbecue, oriental dancers, typical band... enjoy exceptional venues in Italy or Corsica to celebrate your dream kosher wedding!


The Shabbat is also an important spiritual moment during a Jewish wedding. It is possible to organize your shabbat meal in Italy or Corsica on the day before your wedding. You can give in to the idea of a beach party on one of the most gorgeous sea sides of Italy on Friday afternoon before having the shabbat dinner in the evening, in a majestic orange orchard under a sky full of stars. For your lunch on Saturday, you can enjoy a typical Italian - and kosher certified - buffet by the pool for example. Our wedding planners’ team has selected the greatest hotels in Italy and Corsica to deliver an original, joyful, and exclusive kosher wedding, whatever your budget and number of guests.


Once they have celebrated their civil union, the newlyweds can proceed to the religious wedding at the synagogue. This ceremony can as well take place under a houppa (religious arch) set outdoors. Exchange your wedding rings in front of your family and friends during a celebration by the sea or in a masseria! In Jewish weddings, the houppa is the symbol of the family’s household. For this reason, the bride and groom meet under it with the rabbi and best men during the ceremony.
As Apulia offers astonishing and out of time landscapes, it is an ideal location to welcome your Jewish wedding ceremony. Why not get married in the middle of trulli (typical white houses) to create a magical atmosphere? A ceremony lost in fields of olive trees or on the beach is also at your reach! The natural beauty of these places is enough to experience an immersion in the dolce vita. Our team will sublimate your houppa and give an Italian touch to this arch of love with a decoration made of local flowers and of lights according to your taste. Organize a memorable Jewish wedding in the dolce vita style!


If you are dreaming of having an Italian or Corsican kosher meal, Noces Italiennes has got good news for you! We have selected the best chefs of local gastronomy and we open the doors of the best venues for you to organize a kosher wedding. Our caterers ensure a sophisticated and high-quality menu to serve the best of Italian and Corsican flavors in the plates of your guests in accordance with the rules of the kosherout: antipasti, mozzarella and burrata, risotto, meats, and fishes among other local specialties. We can also put at your disposal culinary animations during your wedding reception such as live cooking stands, a cocktail bar or a rum and cigars’ angle. Allow your guests to discover this ancestral and delicious gastronomy during an unforgettable night. The kosherout can be supervised by a shomer and Roma’s rabbi or by your own rabbi if he accepts to come. You should also enjoy this occasion to gather with your close ones around a glass of boukha.


If the Jewish wedding is characterized by a very festive atmosphere full of customs, it remains a strictly codified event. The rites and traditions are at the heart of the celebration of a Jewish wedding and need to be prepared in a meticulous and anticipated way. Firstly, the preparation of a Jewish wedding has to be done with the rabbi of the couple’s community. He will serve as a guide in the completion of administrative paperwork and as an informer about duties and responsibilities of a married couple. The preparation meetings must be done almost a year before the wedding date. The spouses will constitute a file to be able to celebrate their religious wedding and send it to our agency if they wish to be married by a rabbi in Italy.
Depending on your wishes, we can put you in contact with a local rabbi for: the wedding’s celebration, the writing of the ketubah, the acquisition of the tallit and the celebration of the shabbat. You can also decide to ask for the services of your own rabbi for your Jewish ceremony in Italy or Corsica. It is important to communicate to us your needs as soon as possible so we can book the appropriate services.


The mikveh is an essential moment in the organization of a traditional Jewish wedding. Before the religious ceremony, the future bride must proceed to a traditional bath to be purified. In the scope of a wedding abroad, the kala (bride) has two options. She can choose to complete her mikveh in her place of residence. It will however oblige her to stay away from a future husband until the wedding day (if she sees him before then, the effects of the mikveh will be cancelled). The second option is to bathe in the crystal-clear water of the Italian (Ionian or Adriatic) sea. To validate the tevila (immersion), the bride must be entirely immersed in a natural source of water: sea, river, lake, …
In conclusion, there are no restrictions for you to get married according to the Jewish laws in Italy or Corsica!


The ceremony begins with the entrance of the spouses. The groom is the first to enter the synagogue, covered in a talith (prayer shawl). The bride then joins him, her face hidden by a veil that the groom will take off. The latter comes to meet the kala a few meters before she arrives at the houppa.
All of the men in the synagogue must wear the kippah (Jewish hat). The religious ceremony begins with the benediction of a cup of wine and the reading of the prayers by the rabbi. The union of the man and woman is formalized when the groom puts the golden wedding ring on the bride's finger. After this, the rabbi proceeds to the reading of the ketubah - a religious Jewish wedding contract - which has been signed by the groom before the ceremony. This document describes the duties of the spouses and the cornerstones of a Jewish household. The rabbi reads aloud the 7 blessings of marriage upon the cup of wine.
The broken glass ritual comes next. The groom has to break a glass of wine with his right foot in commemoration of the destruction of Jerusalem’s temple.


The newlyweds leave the houppa to join their guests surrounded by shouters of joy and happiness: “Mazal Tov!”.
The moment has come to start a wonderful evening in a Corsican estate or on an Italian beach to celebrate your love and the beginning of a new life together. Our team of wedding planners promises you to abide by all of your customs and rites like the broken glass ritual. Ketubah of the parents, birth and Jewishness certificates, …
Feel free to contact us if you have questions about how to organize a Jewish wedding in Italy or Corsica. Our wedding planners are here to stand by your side from A to Z in the preparations of your Jewish wedding!


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