Our wedding planners are by your side for the organization from a distance of your Protestant ceremony. More than a faithful and traditional union, the Protestant wedding is a commitment of love between the newlyweds before the church. The nuptial benediction is not a sacrament unlike the Orthodox or Catholic weddings. The religious service is led by a vicar, spiritual guide of the spouses who blesses the union of the couple. Apulia and Corsica are awaiting you for a wedding by the sea. A ceremony you will always remember!



The Protestant wedding is one of the simplest religious ceremonies. Firstly, because it can take place anywhere. Even though it is customary to reunite in a temple, it remains possible to whatever location and decoration: the gardens of a splendid masseria of Apulia, a heavenly beach of Corsica or an evangelical church in Italy. Secondly, it is rather easy to obtain the documents to celebrate a Protestant wedding. Having a civil marriage certificate is however necessary to proceed to the spiritual bounding of the couple. In fact, the Protestant wedding can only take place after you got married civilly (as in Catholic or Jewish ceremonies). It is allowed to celebrate a Protestant wedding any day of the week but Sunday. The bride and groom are free in the choice of their wedding dress or costume. Since 2015, the Protestant Church recognizes the union of gay couples. Couples with different religious confessions are also allowed to get married. Finally, the Protestant Church accepts remarriage if you are previously divorced and able to provide the divorce certificate. Celebrate your love and commitment with the benediction of God!


The simplicity of Protestant weddings makes them easy to organize; couples thus often benefit from a stressless preparation. The future bride and groom are usually supported by the vicar of their place of residence. You should contact him as early as possible to know all the steps to take. Traditionally, a couple of months are enough to choose the passages of the Bible and to shape the ceremony. Our wedding destination in Corsica, doesn’t allow civil and religious ceremonies to be done at the same time. The civil ceremony can happen before or during the Protestant ceremony in Italy as the Italian State recognizes the Protestant Church. The preparation consists in a succession of informal meetings between the couple and the vicar in order to understand the motivations and values of the future bride and groom. The ceremony lasts approximately an hour. Your close ones can step in for the reading of the passages or to make speeches. You must inform your wedding planner about these details so she can relay the information to your celebration’s location.


Unlike a Catholic wedding for which the preparation is made with a priest, the Protestant union is formalized by a vicar. You can choose to make a vicar from your home country come to celebrate your wedding in Italy. The only condition is to ask for the authorization of the Italian parish. If you wish to call upon the services of an Italian vicar, we can put you in touch with the vicars of Apulia. In that case, you will have to complete your file with a vicar from your own parish and he will transmit it to the church of your celebration. The requirements of parishes are not all similar, it is important to inquire about them individually. Lots of vicars won't speak your native language. Our agency usually advises to print bilingual church service booklets so your guests can follow the mass. If you wish, Noces Italiennes can also put at your disposal the services of an interpreter that will translate the interventions of the vicar. On the wedding day, the couple enters side by side. The spouses are alone with the vicar to sign the religious registers. The guests then join them to attend the reading of the Bible, the mutual consent, and the exchange of the wedding rings. Contrary to Orthodox weddings, there is no benediction of the rings. The ceremony ends with the symbolic gift of a Bible to the newlyweds that aims to spread the divine word of the Lord in their home and to guide them in their daily faith.


mariage catholique

Catholic ceremony


Jewish ceremony

mariage homosexuel

Same sex wedding

mariage orthodoxe

Orthodox ceremony


mariage bord de mer

Wedding by the sea

mariage dans les Pouilles

Wedding in Puglia

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Italian Castles

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Mariage en Italie


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