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Our team promises to be by your side for your Protestant wedding. Apart from being a ceremony of faith and tradition, a Protestant wedding is also about the commitment of love by the bride and groom towards the parish. Unlike Catholic weddings, the marital blessing is not a sacrament. The religious ceremony is performed by a pastor, a spiritual guide who will bless the couple’s love and union. Southern Italy and Corsica awaits you for a mesmerising Protestant wedding in locations that will blow your mind!



Protestant wedding ceremonies are one of the simplest religious ceremoniess. Firstly because the ceremony can take place anywhere. Although the custom is to celebrate the marriage in a parish, it is also possible to choose your own wedding venue: the gardens of a magnificent Apulian masseria, the sandy beaches of Corsica or between the beautifully crafted walls of an evangelical church in Italy. Moreover, the documents concerning the celebration of your wedding are very simple and quick to obtain. However, the transmission of the civil marriage certificate is an indispensable document for the spiritual union of a couple. In other words, a Protestant wedding ceremony is only possible after a civil marriage took place (just like a Catholic or Jewish marriage). It is possible to celebrate a Protestant wedding every day except on Sundays. The bride and groom are also free to choose the style and colour of their outfits without any constraints. Since 2015, the Protestant Church also accepts the celebration of same sex marriages. Gay couples with different religious affiliations can also go for a Protestant wedding ceremony. Lastly, the Protestant Church does allow remarriages in case of a divorce from a prior union. All you have to do is to present an extract of the divorce act.


The simplicity behind a Protestant wedding ceremony makes it quick and easy to organise. Your pastor is the one in charge of all religious preparations so do contact him as soon as possible to know all the conditions to prepare your wedding ceremony. A few months are normally enough for you to choose the texts and conduct of the ceremony. You will have several casual interviews with the pastor so that he can understand your motivations and values better. The ceremony is an hour long but it is totally possible to involve your loved ones in it with their own texts and speeches. It is necessary to inform our team beforehand so that we can anticipate all additional interventions. Unlike catholic wedding ceremonies, the bride and groom make their entry together. The couple sign the religious registers alone with the pastor and only then the guests are allowed to join in to listen to the liturgical readings and exchanges of vows and alliances. The pastor presents the Bible to the newly married to conclude the ceremony and bless them on their new journey together.


In Italy, the civil ceremony can take place before or during the Protestant wedding ceremony as the State recognises the Protestant Church. You can ask a pastor from your country of origin to join you in the celebration of your wedding in Italy and to make this possible, you just need to inform the Italian parish and be granted their permission. On the contrary, if you choose an Italian pastor, our team will put you in contact with the Protestant pastors. If necessary, the constitution of your marriage file will be done with your pastor who will then transmit it to the Italian parish where your wedding ceremony will be held. The directives vary from parish to parish so it is very important to inquire on a case-by-case basis. Since many Italian pastors do not speak English, we usually recommend getting bilingual ceremony booklets printed to allow everyone to be part of the mass. The readings will be in English or in your own language while the rest of the ceremony will be in Italian. If you wish, we can also get you an interpreter who will translate the pastor’s interventions for you and your guests. In Corsica and anywhere in France, the civil ceremony cannot be performed at the same time as the religious ceremony.


Cérémonie laïque mariage


mariage eglise italie

Catholic ceremony

Mariage juif en Italie

Jewish ceremony

noces italiennes mariage homosexuel en Italie

Same sex wedding

mariage orthodoxe

Orthodox ceremony


mariage bord de mer

Wedding by the sea

mariage dans les Pouilles

Wedding in Puglia

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Italian Castles

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Mariage en Italie