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2 April 2017
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A civil wedding in Italy

Civil wedding in Italy

You want a civil wedding in Italy in a charming town hall? But you do not know about the administrative procedures? And how to make it valid in your country? We guide step-by-step to better understand the administrative procedures. Here are three simple  steps to:

A civil wedding in Italy

Step 1: Procedures in your embassy in Italy

The administratives procedures for a civil wedding start with the embassy of your country in Italy to get a certificate of marriage capacity called “Nulla Osta”.

This document is required by the Italian town hall that will celebrate your wedding in Italy. The “Nulla Osta” is the core administrative procedure for a wedding in Italy. To get it, you need to send the following documents to your embassy for each soon-to-be-wed:

  • Your ID (copy)
  • A proof of your address in your country
  • One copy of your birth certificate (edited less than 3 months before the embassy receive it)
  • The filled form about your personal and professional status that we or the embassy can give you

So the administrative procedures starts with your embassy in Italy, which is your first interlocutor to plan your wedding in Italy. Once you have your certificate, you can celebrate your civil wedding in Italy with an official Italian representative.

Step 2: Procedures in the Italian town hall

The administrative procedures to follow depends on each town hall. Noces Italiennes will help you respect all the paperwork.

Getting married in Italy requires that the “Nulla Osta”  have to be sent in the Italian town hall that will celebrate your wedding in addition to some other documents. According to the town halls, the procedures must be made either by Postal route or by physical presence in the Italian town hall a few days before your wedding.

Step 3: Procedures in your own town hall

Once your wedding is Italy is complete, you just need to transcribe the marriage certificate in the records of your country. Some Italian town hall directly send the certificate to your embassy. In this case, you just need to go to your town hall to get your family record book.

The administratives procedures take sometimes longer if the town hall you celebrated your wedding in does not take care of sending the certificate to your embassy. If that happens, you will have to send the certificate yourself to your embassy in Italy. Thus you will be able to get you family book.

The administrative procedures to get married in Italy are therefore very simple. Given the time that this paperwork demands, Noces Italiennes will be happy to take care of it! You can contact us through this page.

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